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Znamenskiy Family Archive
The Small History (or History of Persons)

This site is dedicated to our parents,
Serafim Vasil’evich Znamenskiy (Серафим Васильевич Знаменский) ,
and Zaynaf Omarovna Znamenskaya (Akkizova)(Зайнаф Омаровна Знаменская (Аккизова)).
  1. Good evening, Sanja, Valya and little nephews!
  2. 5.10.43-th year. Hello, Dear children Sanyusha, Valechka, and little grandsons!...
  3. 23.10.43. Hello. Lovely Sanyusha, Valechka and little grandsons! ...
  4. Norilsk, 15.12.46-th year. Dear Sanya! ...
  1. 17.12.50. What was a week ago? ...
  2. 24.12.50. Last Sunday ...
    Grandfather Vasiliy
  1. What is the course of internal self-correction?
  2. About an internal battle
  3. Monday on March, 15/28 32.
  4. The identification card
  5. Texts of some original documents
  6. The letter of the grandfather of 15.05.1035.
  7. The grandfather's letter of April, 27 / May,10, 193?.
  1. On March, 7, 1944
  2. I address to you, Vyacheslav Mihajlovich ...
  1. "It is impossible to live without tenderness" N.Safronova.
  2. Memoriae of Serafim Znamenskiy ("Zapolyarnaya Pravda", July 28, 1995.).
Akkizova Zaynaf Omarovna Serafim Znamenskiy Akkizova Zaynaf Omarovna Zaynaf Omarovna Akkizova Zaynaf Omarovna Akkizova, Serafim Vasilevich Znamenskiy, Lyuba Ira Bezrukikh, Lyuba and Vasya Znamenskie Zaynaf, Serafim, Lyuba, Vasya Zaynaf, Serafim, Lyuba, Vasya Zaynaf and Vasya Zaynaf and Vasya Zaynaf Omarovna, Lyuba, Vasya Serafim Vasilevich Znamenskiy and Zaynaf Omarovna Znamenskaya Serafim Vasil'evich Znamenskiy Zaynaf Omarovna Znamenskaya (Akkizova)

Old Photos
здесь изображены: стоит Александр(старший брат), сидят Ена, Серафим и Вера. примерно 1911 год. обратная сторона фото   Знаменские Василий Васильевич(5апреля 1873г - 6июня1942)  и его жена, Любовь Михайловна и старший сын Александр   Знаменские Василий Васильевич и Любовь Михайловна сидят, их дети Еннафа, Серафим и Вера    Василий Васильевич и Любовь Михайловна обратная сторона фото   Василий Семеныч Знаменский. На обороте текст: Мой студеновский дедушка поступил в Студеновке на место своего дедушки Евграфа Петровича Знаменского, который, в свою очередь, поступил на место свого родственника Вечернина. Отец В. С. Знаменского - Семен Евграфыч, мой прадедушка, служил в Печевке Чембарского уезда обратная сторона фото

Documents, information, member books, etc.
The Trade-Union of workers of the food and flavouring industry. The  Member book No. 74559 Autobiography
  1. The Information from the registration form of NORILLAG
  2. The message of Jadvigi Vikentevny Malevich
  3. The stenogram of an evening in a museum ( Sources: "Memorial" Society, Krasnoyarsk)
  4. The exhibition devoted to the memory of victims of political repressions
  5. 50 years of Public Health Services in Norilsk .... In 1949 the post of the Pathologist was occupied by Serafim Vasilyevich Znamensky who has organized the Histology Laboratory.

The Big History (or Official History)
  1. By 1953 the combine was producing 35% of the Soviet Union’s total nickel output, 12% of its copper, 30% of its cobalt and 90% of its platinum group metals.
  2. Modern Norilsk City. Photogallery
    Vestiges of The Past
  1. Barbed Wire
  2. The remains of barracks
  3. The overlooked and deserted tomb of a prison camp
    Rudnik 3/6 (Mine 3/6)
  1. Lev Gumilev ( Source: "Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy")
  2. Rudnik 3/6 (Mine 3/6) in Memoirs: Gritsyak E.S., Norilsk revolt ( Source: "Memorial" Society, Krasnoyarsk)

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